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Hire a skipper

Skipper for the day

If you would like to sit back and relax for the day, you can book a skipper, and crew, so you can enjoy your boat and day with your family and / or friends.

If you want to go out to dinner, check out the local, or wider area, go shopping, go to an event such as The Fowey Regatta then please contact the office on 07545600677 or email.

Skipper Hire
£375 a day* 
Skipper and crew hire
£475 per day

Skipper for Boat Moving

If you have just bought a new boat, or already have a boat, and want help to move her to / from Cornwall or move her to a  different marina or berth, we can provide a skipper to assist you or take her for you***.

Skipper Hire
£400 a day* 
Skipper and crew hire
£500 per day

Part day skipper hire can be negotiated if local and a short trip. 

Travel costs

  • Costs to get the skipper to / from the vessels berth, unless you can take them, will be charged up front.
    Please note it may include a variety of private and public transport but will be agreed prior to the trip.

  • Depending on the length of the delivery additional days / part days may be charged to take into account weather, travel time or breakdowns.
    Any surplus funds charged will be refunded a the end of the trip.

  • Travel days are charged at £200 a day (including subsistence) if it takes more than 3 hours to get to / from boat location. The client is responsible for instructor accommodation, meals and snacks during the passage.

*A day 4 – 8 hours
**A price for half day for a local move can be negotiated, with or without crew.
***Insurance for Boat Delivery when the owner is NOT on board is only through the boat owners insurance.

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